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The 4th Gerneration Mini Cigarette (KF603)  
102mm Mini Cigarette 102mm Mini Cigarette
E-Cigarette Box Set
Package contains:
  • One E-Cigarette (with battery)
  • One Spare Battery
  • One Charger and Power line
  • Six pcs Cartridges
  • Instruction Manual
  • QCCard
  • The E-Cigarette is a high tech product developed by KINGFOX to provide smokers with a clean alternative to smoking.
  • It contains no tar, no carbon monoxide and no cancer-causing chemicals.
  • The tubing device is technologically advanced, enabling it to convert atomizing liquid into vapors rather than producing smoke.
  • The battery indicates the usage tenure and it can be rechargeable.
  • The cartridge contains an atomizing liquid which is nicotine free.
  • One cartridge equals to 8pcs real cigarettes
102mm Mini Cigarette standard kits
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