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Frequently asked questions

V: Is the electronic cigarette safe?
A: The Electronic Cigarette and the Electronic Cigar have been tested extensively, and have the CE hallmark. Therefore,KINGFOX products are completely safe.

V: How long can I inhale with one ampoule?
A: Of course, this depends on the use of the cigarette. However, one ampoule equals the time needed to smoke about 50 normal cigarettes.

V: Which type of cartridge is best for me?
A: There are four types of cartridges. The Normal one is comparable with smoking hand-rolling tobacco. The Middle version equals regular cigarettes and the Light cartridges are like light cigarettes. The Free version is used by people who already quit smoking but still like the taste.

V: How long does it take to charge the battery?

A: The first time it takes about 18 - 24 hours to charge. After that 4 - 6 hours will do.

V: Do I have to switch off my KINGFOX when unused?

A: No, you do not have to switch it off. When you do not inhale the battery will not be used and will not become empty.

V: When will I receive my own KINGFOX Cigarette?
A: Delivery will be within 3-5days after received bank's receipt

V: How can I pay for my KINGFOX?
A: You can pay by bank transfer.

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